Drake is a known basketball fan. In one of his “Views From the 6” songs, “Summer Sixteen,” he claimed that the Golden State Warriors run practice at his house. Could this be true? Did he really write this particular track for Stephen Curry and his team? Or was the rapper merely taking poetic license when he wrote that line?

According MTV, the lyric in question is “kinda sorta” true. The NBA champion team does not play in Drake’s backyard as he claims. However, their star player Curry does. “[It was] me versus my brother-in-law, with Drake and his boys and some of my family in the stands,” the basketball star confirmed.

Meanwhile, according to USA Today, the current NBA MVP said his teammate Draymond Green was “super pumped” to be mentioned in Drake’s track. “He was hyped, he was hyped about that line,” Curry said in an interview. “(He said) ‘I made it, I made it…I got into a Drake song.’”

Check out the “Summer Sixteen” verse that seem to be a nod to Stephen Curry below.

Trust, we heard you the first time
It’s nothing personal
I would have done it to anyone
And I blame where I came from
And I blame all my day ones
You know Chubbs like Draymond
You better off not saying nothing
Them boys they a handful
Then I hit ’em with the Hotline
Chris Breezy with the dance moves
Mo-G with the dance moves
Ave Boy with the dance moves
Jimi Hendrix with the solo
Those the strings that you can’t pull
Yeah, and I could really dish it out
Come and get it from the source
Or fuck with all the word of mouth
Golden State running practice at my house
Nigga, what am I about?
You gon’ really feel it now