Hints from American rapper Drake’s upcoming album “Views From The 6” are being teased every now and then. But according to latest reports, Drake will be working on a mixtape with British crooner Craig David.

According to Metro UK, Craig David said that the American rapper wants to work with him in the studio. With this confirmation, the Drake/Craig David mixtape will be happening any time soon!

Speaking to Radio 1Xtra, the site mentioned that Craig is looking forward to his mixtape with the “Hotline Bling” singer. The two artists met at a restaurant in Miami where they talked about working together.

Craig said,

“When I saw Drake in this restaurant [in Miami], we walked up to each other and there was this moment when I was like, ‘Oh man that tune is all I’m listening to.’ And he was like, ‘Man I need to call my producer, if I can tell him right now that I’m with you, Born to Do It! The tunes you have.’ And this was kicking off.”

In another report by Metro UK, it detailed how Drake was mistaken for singer Craig David at Wimbledon last summer. A sports reporter even tweeted a photo of “Craig” which he later deleted because it was actually a photo of Drake. Were they destined to work together?

Moreover, Craig promised that the their mixtape will happen “when the time is really right.”

“I promise you, not on a “get gas, beg a man to be on his record” kind of thing, because he’s the hottest thing right now. But he’d easily be like “Yeah man I want to do that,” he added.

Likewise, Craig isn’t the only artist who wants to work with the American Rapper. Record-breaking British singer Adele admitted that she wants to do a “Hotline Bling” remix.

“I really want us to do an official remix… I love Drake so much,” Adele said.

Are you excited for the American rapper’s soon-to-be projects with Craig David and Adele?