American rapper Drake and British singer Adele are top competitors when it comes to topping the charts. Both music celebrities have released record-breaking songs about phone calls this year. While fans are awaiting Drake’s next album, “Views From the 6,” will the two singers team up for a “Hotline Bling” remix?

According to People, the American rapper is definitely willing to do a remix of his hit song, “Hotline Bling.”

“I’d do anything with Adele. “I’d literally go to Adele’s house right now and do laundry for her,” Drake said.

This was his response to Adele who initially brought up the idea. As mentioned on etalk, Adele admitted that she wants to work on a song remix with Drake.

“I had a drink like three weeks ago [with] my best friends, in fact it was to celebrate ‘Hello.’ And I was off my face because I don’t really drink anymore, and they’ve got video of me dancing to it on a coffee table as well,” Adele told the site.

The British singer “channeled” her inner Drake moves as she danced to “Hotline Bling” during her hang out with friends.

“I really want us to do an official remix. I love Drake. I love Drake so much,” Adele mentioned. She revealed that she even ordered a red coat similar to what Drake was wearing in the music video.

Aside from Drake’s response, he even posted a cartoon of himself and Adele on his Instagram account. Guess Drake’s really looking forward to it!

Both musicians have been the subjects of memes and parodies for their songs about phone calls. One notable “Hello” parody was made by popular TV host Ellen DeGeneres. The parody featured Drake in his “Hotline Bling” music video.

As mentioned on People, Adele’s “Hello” is currently at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 while Drake’s “Hotline Bling” is at number three.

Will the pair’s possible “Hotline Bling” remix bring them both to the top spot? Let’s just wait for more updates!