Drake drops “Views From the 6” on April 29, an announcement that is certainly welcome news to his fans because hints about its release date circulated for months.

He announced the release date at the start of his Beats 1 show, “OVO Sound Radio.” The rapper also made a promise to his listeners, USA Today reported. “I promise you that you’ll have your full share of Drake music for the summer and for the year and forever,” Drake said.

Prior to the pronouncement, he’s dropped various hints about his fourth studio album, New York Daily News noted. He did so in January and another time in March at a concert in Austin. However, he failed to reveal the official date.

Here are 5 things that fans can expect in relation to the release of his new album.

1. A new sound that’s equally impressive as his previous hits. To date, he’s released two tracks from the album. Drake dropped “Pop Style” and “One Dance.” Both tracks highlight the album’s diversity, E! News noted. However, Drake recently debuted a new version of “Pop Style,” NME reported.

2. His collaborative work with significant names in the music industry. Fuse.TV noted that “Can I,” his collaboration with Beyoncé, could be on the final track list.
3. His reference to Meek Mill in the album as rumoured earlier. Fuse.TV suggests it could be either “Back to Back” or “Charged Up.”
4. Esquire revealed that Drake’s new album is a tribute to his Canadian roots. The publication pointed out its trailer that features a shot of Toronto’s CN Tower as well as other notable Canadian images.

5. Could there also be a possible tour for “Views From the 6”? During his concert in Austin, the Canadian rapper told fans at SXSW about it. Drake mentioned a slew of cities that included Austin, Houston, and Dallas, Entertainment Weekly reported. However, this remains a speculation to date.