Drake has been constantly in the headlines for giving fans what they seek: really good music.

With his Beats 1 OVO Sound radio show, collaboration with Future and releasing “Can I” with Beyonce, the artist has been on a roll.

He also made his performance at the Austin-set quite memorable for fans. Music lovers now are eagerly awaiting the launch of his album, “Views From The 6.”

In recent times, Drake has released quite a few songs including “Hotline Bling,” “Back to Back,” “Charged Up,” “Right Hand.” However, not all released tracks are to be featured on the new upcoming album.

In the mean time we looked back and have pulled together a list of unreleased songs by Drake. Take a look and pick out your favorites:

1. “9 AM in Dallas”

Soon after recording “Thank Me Later,” Drake recorded this number. This track never made its way into the album though, as shared by Sun Times Network.

2. “Club Paradise”

One of his best songs till date, Drake also named his tour after this popular track, as noted by the site.

3. “0-100/The Catch Up”

This much-loved number never made it into any of his albums but is one of the most popular. The track is one of his songs of 2014.

4. “The Motion”

Released prior to the launch of “Nothing Was the Same,” this very popular track wasn’t featured on the album.

5. “5 AM in Toronto”

Drake gave us sequels to “9 AM in Dallas,” which included “6 PM in New York” and “5 AM in Toronto.”

6. “Free Spirit”

Even though it’s known to be the first song to be using the phrase YOLO, the track wasn’t included in “Take Care.”

7. “You Know, You Know”

The track was released by DJ Big Mike, soon after Drake launched his debut album. Fans felt it should have gone into his album.


8. “Trust Issues”

A remixed version of “I’m On One,” The Weeknd went on and released a cover of the track, “Trust Issues.”