The Drake Summer Sixteen Tour is on, and the singer wowed his fans one more time at the TD Garden with his musical brilliance. The show can be considered one of Drake’s best performances thus far, as it is where he just did the most awesome trick.

At TD Garden, the show stealers were the purple bulbs floating over the crowd all night. As a matter of fact, no one noticed these tiny wonders until Drake reached for one. The light lowered hypnotically from the scaffolding and Drake held onto the light fixture like a miner’s lamp.

The metronomic tick tocks of Timmy Thomas’s 1975 sleeper Why Can’t We Live Together in the background complemented the dramatic setup. The moment he let the light fixture go, the tick tock became faster.

Things became all the more engaging with Drake humming Hotline Bling as a cascade of bulbs fell from the rafters with it. When the bulbs went up to the rafters, he assessed the crowd as if he’d succeeded in a magic trick.

“You like that?” he asked his fans.

Reports said that 14,000 fans attended Drake Summer Sixteen Tour TD Garden’s concert.

For an artist who has just six years in his career, the performance was unexpectedly overwhelming.  Drizzy sang quite a few of his popular numbers like 0 to 100 (Hood Heat, Vol. 1) We Made It, Blessings, No Lie (Based on a T.R.U. Story), Versace and Pop That (Excuse My French).

While Drake mesmerized the crowd with his chart-toppers, Future set the stage on fire with his furious, impenitent trap anthems. When this duo shared the stage during Drake Summer Sixteen Tour at TD Garden, it was obvious that they would drop more than a few songs. The two shared vocals on Grammys, after which the Canadian rapper stepped out and the American hip hop artist stepped up. Drake and Future are two distinct rappers with different waves but they know how to strike a balance when it comes to performing together, describes The Boston Globe.

It appears Drake knows the magic for winning hearts.  His bag of tricks felt unlimited at the concert.

For more updates about Drake Summer Sixteen Tour, stay tuned.