Less than a month ago, many believed the Canadian rapper and Barbadian singer were close to marriage. However, it now seems the wedding is off, as a young model could be the cause of the Drake Rihanna split.

Their exchange at the MTV VMA 2016 raised everyone’s hope that finally Drake and Rihanna would be a couple. Sources reportedly close to the couple even revealed they were close to marriage. This is because of the rapper’s eagerness to take their relationship to the next level.

As it turns out, the singer also shares the same sentiment as the rapper. However, everyone’s excitement for their forever would seem premature as the Drake Rihanna split looks forthcoming. It would seem Drake’s reputation as a ladies’ man has once again revealed itself.

Sources now reveal the rapper could have his eyes set on Dakota Gonzalez. Thus, who is the young lady who supposedly caught his fancy?

1. Dakota is a 21-year-old Instagram model. She has a twin who is equally stunning as she is.

2. She is also athletic. Dakota played for the University of Kansas.

3. Dakota has a social media following of about 950,000 followers.

4. Dakota and Drake met in November 2015. They  were first seen at a Lady Rebels’ game. Hence, they both enjoy basketball.

5. Dakota and Drake both attended a party in Las Vegas last September 11. This surprised many who were hopeful his romance with Rihanna would go all the way. The Barbadian singer reportedly was not happy when she found out.

“When Rihanna found out about Dakota, they had a blowout fight. She immediately told Drake that it’s over. When Rihanna isn’t at Drake’s concerts, Dakota is often there by his side,” HollywoodLife cited a source of Life & Style Weekly.

Thus, would this confirm the Drake Rihanna split is true?