Chris Brown is in trouble with the law once again. Yet could his current dilemma be the result of the Drake Rihanna dating?

Cops descended on the rapper’s home after he allegedly pointed a gun to the head of Baylee Curran. The reason behind it? Jewelry. The model said Brown erupted when she admired a piece of jewelry. She made the call to 911 after they left.

Thus, Brown woke up surprised to find police at his front door. The rapper then posted a video online to deny Baylee’s claims. Yet more shocking was his refusal to go out and face the authorities. Moreover, he reportedly dropped a duffel bag out the window with a number of illegal items. The Daily Beast cited a TMZ report indicating a gun and drugs were inside it.

Despite their troubled relationship, Rihanna is reportedly worried for her ex-boyfriend. Moreover, she tried to text him but received no response from the rapper. She is also concerned for the safety of Royalty. Thus, she is more nervous at his failure to reply to his text. RiRi is hopeful the whole incident was only a misunderstanding. Then again, the videos posted by Chris Brown might not do him favors later on, according to Hollywood Life.

Is his current dilemma brought on by news of  the Drake Rihanna dating? The couple made headlines following the MTV VMA 2016. The speech from Drake made everyone blush as he proclaimed his love for RiRi. Despite blocking his kiss on stage, the Barbadian singer and the Canadian rapper reportedly partied together afterwards.

Earlier speculations hinted at Chris Brown’s anger at the thought of the Drake Rihanna dating. Thus, did the couple’s apparent display of affection at the MTV VMA 2016 lead to his recent meltdown? Moreover, would it provoke the same suicidal thoughts he had before when news of his assault on RiRi came out?

Is Chris Brown acting out because of the Drake Rihanna dating?