Drake and his song “One Dance” has reportedly  been beaten by Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” on the top spot in Hot 100.

According to Tech Times, Timberlake’s new song has been topping the sales chart while Drake has been holding the top for the number of streams. The former N*Sync member is projected to have an estimated of 330,000 or so in download sales for the week.

On the other hand, Drake might still win the race as “Views”, with “One Dance” in it has reportedly broke record sales on the first week, and might surpass Timberlake in radio airplay with 60 to 50 million, notes Billboard. The neck-to-neck competition continues until next week.

The website believes that it is a good competition between the new and “old school” artist. Timberlake represents the nostalgic era in 90’s where boybands are a hit while Drake mostly caters to the younger generation and widely followed by people on social media.

The vibe of two songs has a gap as well, as per the report. Drake’s “One Dance” sounds 2016, contrary to JT’s funky disco-kind-of genre. But fans may need to wait until Hot 100 releases the result on Monday.

The release of “Views from the 6” has been a success and Drake was also compared to Adele when it comes to fanbase and number of sales. Adele’s third album “25” got a record-breaking amount of 3.38 million copies in the first week alone, reports Billboard.

But, on the other hand, Drake’s latest album, that has the carrier single “Too Good” that features Rihanna, has gained over 600K copies on the first day alone, and the sale might continue to rise.

Well, Drake has been invading the charts since the release of his latest album. But despite his success, the Canadian rapper has been dragged in rumours that he and Rihanna are in a relationship.