Drake has been carving success after he released “Views From the 6.” The Canadian rapper continues to reign on Billboard Artist 100 for 10 weeks now.

The Billboard Artist 100 is the summary of every musician’s activity and how their songs and albums move into different top charts like the Hot 100, Top Album Sales and Social 50, to cite examples. And it appears that Drake invades all of these Top Charts as he holds the throne for more than 2 months.

“Views From The 6” is still No. 1 on Billboard 200 while his new single “One Dance” stays atop on Hot 100. Since this looks like his shining moment, many of his fans and new admirers want to know more about Drake.

Well, aside from being a 29-year old Canadian rapper, it is assumed that most of his supporters are curious about the things that he does and he has done behind the scenes. So, here are the 7 weird things about him, courtesy of She Knows.

  1. He makes his own whiskey called “Virginia Black Whiskey.” This could one of his new business venture as well. According to the website, he got “overwhelming response” after posting the outcome online.
  2. He might be a “bad dancer,” but he’s got unique moves. Drake has been the subject of funny memes when the music video of “Hotline Bling” came out. Additionally, MTV News caught his “awkward dance moves” while watching  a live NBA match.
  3. Despite being the laughing stock because of his dance moves, Drake is a good ice skater. This trait is quite expected maybe because he’s from Canada. An insider also revealed that he once took Rihanna to an ice-skating rink for an alleged date.
  4. He was raised Jewish. As per the website, his mother is a Jewish Canadian. He also attended a Jewish Day School.
  5. Aside from his rapping career, Drake once appeared in the film “Ice Age: Continental Drift” as a voice talent for Ethan, the mammoth.
  6. He allegedly said that he has not been in love yet, but has a huge crush on Nicki Minaj. However, the “Anaconda” singer reportedly said that she treats Drake as her younger brother.
  7. Drake is passionate about music. He had written songs for Alicia Keys and Jamie Foxx.