Drake’s “Hotline Bling” is probably one of the most parodied music videos to come out last year. Mr. Bean has danced to it. An Adele remix might be in the works. Even U.S. presidential nominees Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have their own versions.

It was only a matter of time before the rapper himself parodies his own video. And he did for T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial this year.


The new spot, titled “Restricted Bling,” features the Toronto-raised rapper on the set of a commercial for a cell phone carrier. Drizzy’s trademark turtleneck, Timberlands, and signature dad dance moves are officially back. But not really. The rapper is interrupted, mid-dance, by the unnamed wireless carrier’s executives with lyrical suggestions that only highlight just how bad their deals are.

“Fantastic idea…these lyrics don’t ruin the song at all,” Drake could only reply with a pained smile.

And their suggested lyrics don’t ruin the song. At all. “You used to call me on my cell phone/ Device eligible for upgrade after 24 months” and “And I know when that hotline bling/ Streaming music will incur data charges” might have a better ring to them than Drake’s original lyrics, don’t you think?

The 30 second ad was released by T-Mobile on social media just days ahead of the Super Bowl. The wireless carrier is trying to market itself as “The Un-Carrier” – a foil to the wireless provider featured in the Drake ad.

Along with Elvis Presley and Lil Wayne, Drake is one of three artists with over a hundred Billboard Hot 100-charting songs.

Hotline Bling would have been the rapper’s first No. 1 hit if it were not for an exclusives backfire, The Verge reported earlier.

Drake is set to release his new album, “Views From the 6,” in April this year.

His new single “Summer Sixteen” is now available on Apple Music.