When it comes to rap king Drake, he does everything in an elaborate style. Be it friendship or enmity, he knows how to maintain it. While he showed the world his alliance with Future during his Summer Sixteen Tour performances, he did not leave any stone unturned to express his dislike towards his long-time perennial rival Meek Mill.

The ongoing beef between Drake and Meek Mill has taken a new shape on Sunday night when the Canadian rapper stepped in Philadelphia, the hometown of Mill. Is the feud going to be nasty with goons in the concert?

The Drake Meek Mill feud does not seem to be dying down, especially after the Drake Summer Sixteen tour at Philly. The show became all the more interesting when Drizzy threw multiple shots at Meek Mill.

The Philadelphia-based rapper was lyrically swapped onto two different songs during Drake’s performance in his native town. Drizzy created more Meek Mill disses after performing Back 2 Back and by adding a punch into his VIEWS song Still Here.

The 29-year-old made it very clear to the audience that his performance wasn’t only about Philly, in general. He targeted Nicki Minaj’s love interest.

Watch here:

It looks like Drake has been enjoying his  Summer Sixteen Tour to the fullest. Earlier, adding fuel to the Drake and Meek Mill feud, he dropped another diss in Washington, D.C. where he called the Dream Chasers  boss a p***y.


New York radio station Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex also  leaked Drake’s reference tracks referring to the Drake Meek Mill feud.  Needless to say, it added fuel to the fire. On the contrary, Meek Mill and his allies expressed dissatisfaction in Drake for not confronting him directly. As per sources, Mill sent goons who were waiting for Drake outside the show.

In a series of posts on Instagram, a man who identified himself as being a Dreamchasers member communicated:

“I’ma let y’all niggas know right now, we 100, 200 deep,” he said in one IG video. “Dreamchasers, we gonna press this nigga Drake. He’s been disrespectful.”



Meek Mill commented that instead of running away and staying behind police protection, Drizzy should have the guts to face the consequences of the Drake Meek Mill feud.

In his words:

“When u run out the backdoor wit 12 and use the ‘old man’ (possibly J.Prince) to save you. I’m done. You had Philadelphia swat with you. Ima go ahead and hang it up with these suckas! Had y’all tucked back in there for hrs lol. #stillrunning. I only came to talk lol.”

No matter how the Drake Meek Mill feud started, it doesn’t seem to be a superficial one now.