Drake released Justin Bieber remix version of his song “One Dance” which debuted recently at an exclusive party, in OVO Sounds Radio on Saturday, June 4.

According to Idolator, Drake also released his collaborative work with Gucci Mane’s “Back on Road” and a Puff Daddy-inspired singles called “4 PM in Calabasas.” Listen to Justin Bieber’s “One Dance” remix here. Meanwhile, Drake’s original version can be purchased via iTunes.

Drake has just released his latest album “Views From the 6.” The Canadian rapper has been successful after launching the album, putting him at the top spot in all Billboard charts.

The rapper reportedly slams Adele’s 25, selling more than 600K on the release date alone, reports Independent. More than that, NME also confirmed that he surpassed the British diva, claiming that “One dance” has been played 7.8 million times for the first week of released as compared to Adele’s single, “Hello” with 7.32 million.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has been making the headlines recently because of his alleged strange behavior as seen on his Instagram posts. Previous reports claim that JB wants the public to perceive him as a grownup man, contrary to his teeny-bop image when he released his very first single, “Baby.”

First, he was pictured wearing a pacifier, but an expert claimed that he is just trying to quit smoking. “Sometimes when people are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, they need to replace it with something else that involves the mouth,” Registered Addiction Specialist Marty Brenner told Hollywood Life.

Before that, he was seen walking barefoot in Boston. He also wrote on Instagram that he won’t be taking selfies with fans anymore because he feels “drained and mentally exhausted.”

And then recently, there are reports that Drake and Justin Bieber have an ongoing feud because of Hailey Baldwin but the celebrities are yet to confirm the issue.