Just over a year after it released its predecessor, Bandai Namco is set to unleash Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 into the world of gaming on October 25. Teasing the gamers, the Japanese game publisher released a trailer tutorial of how coop battles work in the game.

The Trailer Tutorial:

The brand new trailer tutorial is believed to be the first video tutorial series for the gameplay. It features Expert Missions from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, where a player requires the help of other Time Patrollers to beat powerful opponents like Great Ape Nappa. To beat this strong enemy one needs to pay attention to the giant monkey’s Brainwash Attack.

How does the Brainwash Attack work?

This offensive mode of attack takes the user out from the fight.  The gamer is teleported to the World of Mind Control.  Sounds easy? Wait, it is not as simple as it seems. Even in this world, the player has to fight his own clone to go back to the playing field. Teaming up with other Time Controllers in a collective battle makes things easier, says sources.

Checkout the Trailer Tutorial Here:

The Beta Version:

In the meantime, the company is also going to launch an open and closed beta for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on October 8.  The Open beta can be accessed by all the PlayStation 4 players. On the other hand, the closed beta will be exclusive to gamers who pre-order the game in the PlayStation store only and they can avail it from October 8 to 10. Xbox and PC players might have to wait for a while since there is no word on a beta for these devices.

The New Characters:

Although the game contains a total of 87 characters, only 68 of are playable.  GameNGuide learned there are some new characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

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The list is below-

  1. Gohan (Teen, Kid, Adult, and Future)
  2. Trunks (Kid, GT, and Future)
  3. Cell (Jr. Super, Perfect and First Form)
  4. Android (16, 17, 18)
  5. Frieza (100% Final Form)
  6. Omega Shenron
  7. Vegito
  8. Time Breaker Bardock
  9. Beerus
  10. Mira Towa
  11. Whis
  12. Broly
  13. Goku GT
  14. Great Ape Nappa
  15. Zarbon
  16. Jeice
  17. Guldo
  18. Nail

However, characters including Nuova, Shenron, Hercule, Videl, Rasberry, Ice Shenron and Frieza’s first form are not yet available on the gameplay.

The interesting add-ons:

The latest update reveals now the gamer can select Saiyans to humans and Freezer-folk. They can even customize the characters’ appearances from the face, height to hairstyle and body type.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be launched on October 25 and players will be able to enjoy it on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. For more updates stay tuned!