One of the fans’ favorite characters is going to set foot on “Dragon Ball Super.” Future Trunks, or simply known as Trunks, will be in the upcoming episodes and he may transform into Evil Trunks and Super Saiyan Blue.

Coming from a different dimension, the son of Bulma and Vegeta will reportedly surface on June 12, sporting a new hair color, reports Forbes. According to the website, it became somewhat bluish as compared to the purple hair he had, suggesting that he must have obtained the Super Saiyan Blue form.

While the mystery about the blue hair remains under wraps, the website added that he would be facing a new villain named “Goku Black,” and might transform into Evil Trunks as well.  The details about their battle also remain “sketchy.”

More details about his arrival will be out soon. Meanwhile, information about the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” episodes 42-46 are already available on the Internet. Catch the title, plot and air dates of episodes  below, courtesy of Yibada.

  • Episode 43 (May 15)- “Goku’s ‘Ki’ is Out of Control!? Lots of Trouble Taking Care of Pan” or simply “Goku, Pan and the Pilaf Gang.” Plot reads as:

“After using his ki recklessly during the tournament against Universe 6, Son Goku comes down with ‘Late-Onset Turbulent Ki Syndrome,’ rendering him unable to control his ki. Goku is unable to even to teleport back from Kaio’s planet properly, and wrecks his house as a result.”

  • Episode 44 (May 22)- “The Seal of Planet Potaufeu, Secret of the Unleashed Superhuman Water!” or “Planet Potaufeu: Goku vs. Vegeta 1.” Part of the synopsis reads as:

“While Monaka had fought alongside Goku and the others as part of the Universe 7 team, in truth he is simply a deliveryman for a shipping company. One day, Monaka comes to deliver something to Bulma’s place, but Bulma corrals him into helping out with her latest experiment.”

  • Episode 45 (May 29)- “Vegeta Vanishes!? The Terror of Copy-Vegeta!”

“Vegeta and Jaco head off to Planet Potaufeu to retrieve Trunks and Goten, who were taken there while riding in the luggage carrier on Monaka’s spaceship. On Plaent Potaufeu, Trunks and Goten are under attack by a Copy-Sauteian, and Vegeta comes to their rescue. But the Sauteian has drunk the miraculous “Superhuman Water” transforming into a Copy-Vegeta identical to the real one, he stands in Vegeta’s way!”

  • Episode 46 (June 5)  “Goku vs. Copy-Vegeta! Who will Prevail!?” The plot is yet to be revealed.

“Dragon Ball Super” airs every Sunday on FujiTV. Global released will be announced soon.