Dragon Ball Super episode 54 has been a blast. It shows Future Trunks’ preparation in facing Black Goku. Meanwhile, the previous episode left a hint that Zamasu may not be as villainous as they think he is. Moving forward, let us see what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

Following the speculations, it might be possible that Black Goku will transform into a Saiyan. Viewers are still wondering who will finally defeat him.

On the other hand, Facebook account Gojiitaaf released the initial titles and air dates for the upcoming episodes. Take a look of what could happen in Dragon Ball Super.

Rumored Titles and Air Dates:

  • Episode 55: “I want to see Son Goku. A request from Zeno sama”/ ” I want to see the monkey king. All from the king of yobidashi!” It will be out on Aug. 14.
  • Episode 56: “The Rematch of Goku vs Black! Super Saiyan Rose appears!!” / “Regroup White-Black! Super Saiyan Rose!!” It will air on small screens in Aug. 21.
  • Episode 57: “Goku, Super Saiyan Blue” will be shown on televisions on Aug. 28.

While the showrunners are yet to confirm the official title, it looks like Goku and Black will show how formidable they are with the Super Saiyan transformations.

Furthermore, YouTube channel Ares Promo unveiled the preview for the next episode. Below is the brief description:

“Zeno is that powerful being introduced at the end of the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament. It’s interesting that this character wants to see Goku again. Could it be for another tournament?”

It could be that Zeno wants to hold another tournament, and perhaps that is why Future Trunks is starting his training. That is another theory that fans would like to confirm in the future.

The forthcoming events are getting more exciting, so make sure to tune in to Dragon Ball Super every Sunday at 9PM on FujiTV. Meanwhile, watch the preview and let us know what you think on the comments below.