The reign of Zamasu and his creation, Black Goku, is now finished. But not to worry, because Dragon Ball Super episode 69 features a new arc. However, there could be new villains that will try to take down Goku.

While the fans might want to keep the excitement burning, those who would like to continue might encounter possible spoilers. So, please, read at your own risk.

The title and potential plot for Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 are now available on the Internet. According to Gamenguide, Arale might return as the new antagonist.

Several outlets are claiming that the character could be the new key enemy against Son Goku and the gang. He had a cameo in May but this time Arale could get more exposure.

As for the headline, the outlet revealed that it will be Goku vs. Arale! A Ridiculous Battle will End the Earth. That confirms the return, however, is for the viewers to find out who will win in the face to face.

On the other hand, YouTube channel Ares Promo also revealed the synopsis of the next chapter. Kindly read it below; watch the preview here:

“I thought that Goku would be pleased. I thought that it would say ‘Goku hey, everyone will soon be your friend.’ Is it not cool that Goku and cute Arale are collaborating? It is already over generations, with children and their parents. It should be enjoyable for the whole family!”

Meanwhile, the titles for episodes 70 and 71 are already available as well. The headlines also hinted that Hit might be the other enemy according to rumors.

  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 70- “Champa’s Challenge! This Time We Face Off in Baseball!!” (December 11)
  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 71- “Death to Goku! A Hit Job That Can’t Be Refused” (December 18)

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