Parents will do anything for their children—we know that is human nature. Even Vegeta does the most heroic act for his son in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode 63.

The scenes on the Future Trunks arc is getting intense, and the battle against Black Goku and Zamasu continues. Warning: potential spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.

Facebook account GojiitaAF, which always shows DBS updates, was able to obtain details about the upcoming episode. It will have the title “Don’t Damage the Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Fierce Battle!!”

Meanwhile, read the synopsis below:

Even tho Trunks risks his life battling vs. BLACK and ZAMASU, BLACK critically injures him and is about to destroy Trunks but at the last moment Goku and Vegeta return to the battle.”

Attack of the Fanboy wrote that Trunks transformed into a new Saiyan during episode 62. The website was not able to determine the name for the new form.

However, Trunks’ new transformation is similar to that of Broly. However, his new power was not able to overcome the two formidable villains.

On the other hand, Vegeta explains that Black is Zamasu in Goku’s body while the Green enemy is immortal. This narrows down the chance of them defeating the antagonists.

Fortunately, Piccolo comes up with a great idea to beat them by suggesting they should learn the Mafuba. The Mafuba is also known as the “Demon Containment Wave“.

They might be powerful enough to kill them, but imprisoning them forever is a viable option. Trunks may not win against them, so it is possible that Vegeta, with the help of Goku, will save his son.

Dragon Ball Super episode 63 will air on Sunday, Oct. 23, at in FujiTV. More details will be posted soon so stay tuned.