Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 will highlight the devastating aftermath of Trunks vs. Black. While we have learned that Trunks unleashed his superpowers to stop Black and his ally Zamasu, the outcome won’t be favorable for the Dragon Ball Superhero. Will Goku and Vegeta use Mafuba to save Trunks?

The spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 reveal that soon there will be black clouds over the Dragon Ball earth. The result of such an immense battle has to be grave. Titled Don’t Defile the Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Battle!! will show Trunks in a severely injured condition.

As we discussed earlier, Black and Zamasu were creating havoc in the Future timeline, so the heroes of the story decided to put a stop to their destructive acts. Goku,Vegeta and Trunks travel to the future to beat the impending threat. In the process, Trunks transformed into an upgraded version  and unleashed his incredible forces.

Since Trunks was in his highest fury to save the world from the evil clutches of Black, he has used some exceedingly powerful techniques to beat the enemy.  However, the irony is he is doing it all alone. And as expected, outmaneuvering two powerful enemies like Black Goku and Zamasu single-handedly is not a child’s play. The results are bound to be unfortunate.

The spoilers reveal in Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 that Goku and Vegeta are sent back to the past to convalesce. In the meantime, Trunks takes the initiative to save the world from Black and Zamasu. However, he gets damaged by his opponents pretty badly. His condition deteriorates and soon he reaches a stage where he could barely defend himself. It is a golden chance for Black Goku to finish his enemy.

However, Goku and Vegeta turn the table on Black when they suddenly appear from the past to fight the two baddies. We will see them using a new skill called Mafuba to defeat Black and Zamasu. We would like to remind our readers that these two learned Mafuba in Episode 62.

What is Mafuba?

Mafuba technique is designed to seal demons into a container of any kind. The technique demands so much of the user’s life force to perform that those who use it are likely to die soon afterward despite the success of the method (Wiki definition).

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Whether or not Goku and Vegeta succeed to defeat the enemies using the technique is yet to be seen.  How will the Mafuba technique be used by them? There’s also the bigger question: What happened to Trunks? Will he survive the damages? Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 will have all the answers. Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 will be aired on October 23.

Spoilers via: iTech Post