Dragon Ball Super revealed that Zamasu is also one of the most formidable villains in the Future Arc’s timeline. However, the green creature might reign on the storyline because of some things. Here’s what might happen in episode 59.

Warning: This article might contain potential spoilers so read at your risk.

Show creator Akira Toriyama introduced the character with little information. Little did we know that he would be one of the enemies.

Attack of the Fanboy reported that Zamasu could become immortal in the coming chapter. Should that happen, Goku and the gang might not be able to defeat him.

But instead of giving up, Goku suggested that they should have an enormous supply of Senzu beans. Unfortunately, that might not be a good idea since there is only a limited supply of Senzu beans.

On the other hand, Dragon Ball Super showed Zamasu’s intentions as well. He wants to find all the Dragon Balls in order to have a wish to Shenron.

And what would be his wish? According to the website, he wants to have a strong ally that will help him “bring his own form of justice to the Universe.”

However, there is an explanation that Zamasu can only wish sometime next year. It is because Beerus already used the Dragon Balls to restore Universe 6’s Earth.

Meanwhile, that may explain as well that Zamasu and Black got time rings in order to speed things up. But his real intentions has not been unveiled yet so viewers may still need to wait until episode 59 comes up on televisions.

Furthermore, Twitter account Tod Blankenship got a hold of spoiler leaks for episodes 59-61. For the upcoming chapter, Goku is asking to protect Gowasu against Zamasu.

The title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 is “Protect Kaioshin Gowasu! Destroy Zamasu!” This suggests an epic battle between Goku and the villain.

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Kindly read the brief synopsis below. Meanwhile, his connection with Black Goku is yet to be unveiled as well.