The spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 58 dropped quite a big bombshell, confirming that Zamasu will be the center of attention in the upcoming episode. The approaching episode dubbed as The Secret of Black and Zamasu will highlight a major part from Zamasu’s chapter, revealing many unknown secrets of his life.

Popular Japanese manga series Dragon Ball Super has created ripples among the fans. While a menacing threat like Black has managed to catch a lot of attention, Zamasu’s fearsome character has earned a swathe of fans. Despite being an evil character, the audiences love the Supreme Kai apprentice of Universe 10.

The anime series is not only about the revenge of good against bad but is also the tale of characters. One among those characters is Zamasu, who has marked himself as a potential threat to Dragon Ball earth.

According to sources, Dragon Ball Super episode 57 will dig deeper in Zamasu’s character. There are reports that the fans of this anime series will get to discover how the character came into existence. To date, we have seen that Zamasu is blessed with god-like powers and is undefeated. Dragon Ball Super episode 57 might also highlight how the light green guy came to possess the Time Ring.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super episode 58 will reportedly be about Black and Zamasu, explaining how the due joined hands to create havoc. Zamasu and Black are in fact the same when it comes to their basic characteristics. Both of them use Ki and have the same kind of coldness in their hearts. They possibly teamed up due to their hatred and hostility towards Goku.

If the spoilers are to be believed, then we can expect Dragon Ball Super episode 58 will reveal very many secrets about Zamasu.

To learn more about Zamasu, tune into Dragon Ball Super episode 58 on Sunday, Sept 11.