Dragon Ball Super episode 58 is still days away from airing but the preview is already out on the Internet. This article might contain potential spoilers so please, read at your own risk.

According to rumors, Zamasu and Black Goku’s connection might be a big revelation. Previous articles already tackled the possibility about this.

Meanwhile, GojitaAF, which is popular when it comes to sharing Dragon Ball Super spoilers already has the brief summary for the forthcoming episode. The next chapter has a headline that reads: “The deep mystery of the two.” Here’s the summary:

“What is the real identity of Goku Black’s, that Whis reasons about? Goku & co. were cornered by Zamasu and Goku Black but they succeed in returning to the past in the nick of time. Beers, Whis and even Kaioushin appear before them when they are curing their injuries with Senzus. What is the real identity of Goku Black, which they have been thinking about?”

“Getting his hands on Senzu, Goku wants to return to the future at once. His fighting spirit has still not disappeared. Future Mai doesn’t give up on resisting!-
Birus and Whis also appear! What are the surprising answer they come up with by investigating and the hints from the future they got from Goku & co.?”

“This Week’s Zamasu- Searching for the secret of the Dragon Balls! Present Zamasu heads to Zunou’s to ask about the Super Dragon Balls. While threatening Zunou and waiting for the answer, he also asks about Goku?”

So many questions about Zamasu’s real intentions and Black Goku’s genuine identity continue to linger on the show. While Dragon Ball Super has not shown anything yet, viewers might want to wait for the intensity of the animation series to get better.

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Aside from that, YouTube account Ares Promo already revealed the preview for episode 58. The 45-second clip shows the exciting scenes about the questions raised on the summary.

Stay tuned for more exciting bits about Dragon Ball Super here at Aussie Network News. Meanwhile, watch the teaser below: