The events on Dragon Ball Super has become more intense and the viewers might want to know who will defeat Black or if Black will remain a formidable villain. According to the latest buzz, Dragon Ball Super episode 58 will reveal who finally defeated the enemy.

The fans still need to wait for two more chapters before episode 58 arrives on Sep. 11. However, a lot of speculations have been on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Facebook account GojitaAF unveiled the title for the 58th chapter. It reads ‘The Secret of Black and Zamasu.’

Despite the obvious title, the question about Black’s fate continues to linger among the fans. Who will kill him? As if the questions suggest that he might face defeat in the later episodes.

Prior to that, the plots for episodes 56 and 57 are also available on the web as well. The public is anticipating Black’s new transformation into Super Saiyan Rose.

Episode 56 will air on Sunday, Aug. 28. According to Saiyan Land, the focal point of the chapters 56 and 57 will be Omni King Zeno’s motive.

The title will be ‘Rematch with Goku Black! Introducing Super Saiyan Rose!!!’ Kindly read the synopsis below:

The Repairs on the time machine are finished, so Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks head to the future. In a ruined future city, the three meet up with the resistance and run into somebody unexpected.”

On the other hand, episode 57 will air on televisions a week after. It bears the title “Goku, Super Saiyan Blue.” The titles hint that the upcoming rematch between Black and Goku on their new transformations must be exciting.

As mentioned above, episode 58 could reveal Zamasu’s real connection to the antagonist. Furthermore, the outcome of the battle between Goku and Black might be on Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 as well so stay tuned for more updates here at Aussie Network News.