Dragon Ball Super revealed that Zamasu and Black Goku are the common enemies of the protagonists. Goku and the gang might face a stronger villain because the two could do a fusion. Here are the possible scenes on Dragon Ball Super episode 58.

It appears that the upcoming episode will focus on Zamasu and Black’s connection. Previously, there are suspicions that they are the same person but the show revealed otherwise.

While the speculation about doing a fusion is still far-fetched, it is possible. They would want to do anything in order to defeat the lead characters.

Meanwhile, Facebook account GojitaAF provided a summary for Dragon Ball Super episode 58. According to the three-paragraph synopsis, Black and Zamasu will be able to corner Goku and company before returning to the past.

On the other hand, it also brought up the real identity of Black Goku, which has been a question for quite some time. Read the remaining excerpts below:

“Getting his hands on Senzu, Goku wants to return to the future at once. His fighting spirit has not disappeared. Future Mai doesn’t give up on resisting!
Birus and Whis also appear! What are the surprising answers they come up with by investigating and the hints from the future they got from Goku & co.?”

“This Week’s Zamasu- Searching for the secret of the Dragon Balls! Present Zamasu heads to Zunou’s to ask about the Super Dragon Balls. While threatening Zunou and waiting for the answer, he also asks about Goku.”

Furthermore, the title for the next episode would be “Zamasu and Black. The deep mystery of the two.” The chapter will air on television this Sunday, Sept. 11, at 9PM on FujiTV.

Avid viewers must be excited to know what will happen on Dragon Ball Super episode 58 so make sure to stay tuned for the schedule and see if Black and Zamasu will fuse. Meanwhile, watch the preview below courtesy of Ares Promo.