FujiTV has delayed the airing of Dragon Ball Super to cover the 2016 Rio Olympics. Regular programming was back on Sunday. Here is what could happen in the upcoming edition of Dragon Ball Super episode 57.

Warning: This article might contain spoilers.

The Japanese TV network aired episode 55 on Aug. 21, and as per previous reports, Omni King Zeno wants to see Son Goku. What could be his motive?

There is a strong possibility that the Supreme wants to team up with Goku to defeat Black. On the other hand, he might want to summon the protagonist to talk about holding another tournament. Moreover, YouTube Channel Ares Promo revealed the short synopsis for episode 55 which reads as:

“Zeno is that powerful being introduced at the end of the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament. It’s interesting that this character wants to see Goku again. Could it be for another tournament?”

Before jumping into Dragon Ball Super Episode 57, there is a wild guess that Black Goku will transform into Super Saiyan Rose. According to GojitaAF, the title obviously hints at the scenario: The Rematch of Goku vs Black! Super Saiyan Rose appears!! to be out on Aug. 28.

While the real motive of Omni King Zeno is yet to be revealed, the title for the next episode also hints at another transformation.

This time, Son Goku will have a new form. The title Goku, Super Saiyan Blue gives fans the idea that the main character will obtain a new power and new Saiyan hair color.

Another speculation about the upcoming episodes includes Zamasu killing Gowasu. Furthermore, Trunks might be preparing for a huge battle against Black Goku as well.

These claims are most likely possible but we will confirm the events once Dragon Ball Super episode 57 hits televisions on Sept. 4, 9pm at FujiTV. Meanwhile, watch the video below: