Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 might show the battle between two characters with Super Saiyan transformations but who will win? Caution: this article may contain spoilers.

It appears that Black Goku’s transformation to Super Saiyan Rose is really happening. Episode 56 marks the arrival of the villain with the pink hair.

On the other hand, the title for Dragon Ball Super episode 56 hints that the enemy will be squaring off again with Goku. According to Kotaku‘s latest post, it would be “Black Goku Rematch! Super Saiyan Rose Appears!”

Meanwhile, Saiyan Land got another version of the title along with a synopsis. The website translated the headlines as “Rematch with Goku Black! Introducing Super Saiyan Rose!!” with a plot which reads as:

“The Repairs on the time machine are finished, so Goku, Vegeta and Trunks head to the future. In a ruined future city, the three meet up with the resistance and run into somebody unexpected.”

The outlet must have confirmed that Black Goku will unveil his new Saiyan form, but how about Goku? Will he reveal his “Super Saiyan Blue” form?

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Aside from the most talked about transformations, many are also wondering who will win in the rematch. Some believe that Goku will defeat his nemesis while some think the oppsite will happen.

There was a previous report that Goku will feel apologetic on the upcoming episodes. Does that hint that he will lose in the battle?

So far, there are other characters who might defeat Black. The speculations also state that Future Trunks could be the one to kill the enemy.

The young character from the future is training for something but further episodes will determine if he’s preparing for a tournament or for his battle with the villain.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is also on the list. However, thus far, this idea is still far-fetched. Let us wait for Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 in FujiTV on Aug. 28 at 9PM to see what will happen.