The trailer for Dragon Ball Super episode 56 has dropped quite a big bombshell, confirming a different battle sequence between Vegeta and Black Goku. Will it give an alternate ending to Black Goku battle?  Let us learn below.

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 is titled as Black Goku Rematch! Super Saiyan Rose Appears! If the official trailer for the episode is to be considered the upcoming chapter of this anime series has a lot stored for the fans. How the face-off between Vegeta and Black Goku is going to be? Who will survive and who will succumb to death?

As per the preview, Dragon Ball Super episode 56 will show Black Goku rising and creating havoc again in future. Vegeta can be seen in Super Saiyan Blue form to confront the powerful enemy. However, sadly it is him who is getting hurt in one scene. At the same time, Black looks safe as well as unaffected. In fact, you can see him in a more updated form known as Super Saiyan Rose.

The gold or blue aura of Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue has been replaced by a pink and purple mixed aura. But his body language, attitude, and hair length remain the same.   Will he defeat the Saiyan Prince?  At the end of the trailer for Dragon Ball Super episode 56? Goku and Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan Blue to take down Black Goku. Now there is a big question over the theory what would be the probable consequences of such great clash? Is it going to be something unexpected?

Although the preview shows an intense encounter between Black Goku and Vegeta, the outcome doesn’t appear to be a regular one.  We may see something completely unusual. To date, we have seen Vegeta getting beaten up by Black and Goku acts as a savior to him.  Nevertheless, Dragon Ball Super episode 56 can be expected to be something different.

In Dragon Ball Super episode 55 we saw Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks travelling to the future. That means the clash is taking place in Future Trunks’ timeline.  So, at the end of the battle, we may see Future Trunks taking control over the chaotic situation and outmaneuvering the menacing Black. As mentioned by Ecumenical News after all this is the arc of Future Trunks.

Watch The Trailer Here:

To know the fate of our anime heroes tune into Dragon Ball Super episode 56 airing on Fuji TV on August 28 at 9 a.m.