When Black Goku debuted on Dragon Ball Super, there was no question for viewers that he was the story’s main villain. His brutal and no mercy personality couldn’t emphasize that more. However, is it possible that after all this time, that was just a facade? Could Dragon Ball Super episode 54 reveal a major Black Goku twist?

As with every episode, rumors are ripe on the upcoming 54th installment. A particular rumor standing out states that there’s a bigger bad than Black Goku. Black Goku’s character is already sinister enough. Hence, the speculation that there is a higher threat than him speaks volumes.

News of this new main villain comes from iTech Post. According to the article, Gowazu is the real enemy. Rumors say that Zamasu’s master has an evil plan brewing for more powerful Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Super episode 54

With regard to Saiyans, Vine Report details that Black Goku may transform into one himself. The article based the information in a leak promotional image. According to the source, the image is for the anime’s partnership with a local candy brand.

In addition, although the image could simply be for promotion purposes, the article looks deeper into it. Namely, the article speculates that the image could translate to the anime episode. It features an image of Black Goku with pink aura around him. This is reminiscent of when Goku turns into a Super Saiyan.

What does this image mean? If it translates to the anime episode, Black Goku could be more powerful than ever. It will also be harder for Goku and the gang to defeat Black. Things will unfold once episode 54 airs.

Dragon Ball Super episode 54 is titled Inheritor of the Saiyan Blood. With this, iTech Post speculates that Gohan, Goten and Trunks could be part of the new generation. However, the source further speculates that none of the three is the inheritor.

This opens the possibility of another character joining the story line. For now, take all these with a pinch of salt as nothing is confirmed yet.

Stay tuned for more news on Dragon Ball Super episode 54 and the rest of the anime itself.