Dragon Ball Super episode 54 is underway. Meanwhile, the title, the preview, and the speculations began to arise as early as of this moment. This article might contain possible spoilers for the upcoming episode so kindly read at your own risk.

Zamasu- the purported descendant of the Supreme Kai, set its foot in the previous episode. His presence on the Future Trunks arc left the viewers wondering about his real motives.

The new character had a friendly spar with Son Goku. However, episode 53 revealed that Zamasu has a thought that Goku might pose a threat to the Supreme Kai.

It left a speculation that Zamasu might team up with Black Goku to defeat the protagonist. On the contrary, people on Kazenshuu website thinks that the green creature may end up being friends with the main characters.

But since the show has been unpredictable, viewers might just need to find out his essence soon. On the other hand, the preview teaser for the forthcoming events, which was posted by YouTube user Ares Promo, revealed how strong Zamasu can be.

As for other details, Dragon Ball Super episode 54 bears the title “He Who Carries Saiyan Blood: Trunk’s Determination.” Aside from the first theory, the title suggests that Future Trunks will acquire the Saiyan Blood.

There must be no contest about that, because his father, Vegeta, is the Prince of Saiyan. Furthermore, the clip also showed Zamasu encouraging the blue-haired character to train vigorously in order to defeat the enemy.

Does Future Trunks hold the key in defeating Black Goku? Since the writers dedicated this arc to him, it must be one of the huge hints.

Additionally, the trailer also showed his father, challenging him to be a stronger person. This must be the right time as well that fans shall see his Super Saiyan form.

Meanwhile, here is the brief description that Ares Promo wrote about episode 54:

“Though they know that Zamasu and Black have extraordinarily similar Ki, they are unable to obtain any proof that the two are the same person. Meanwhile, Vegeta tells the Trunks from the future ‘I’m going to give you some training”‘. It gives an obvious clue, right?

Find out what will happen in Dragon Ball Super episode 54 on Sunday, 9 PM in FujiTV Japan. Watch the teaser below: