The speculations of fans might not be right all the time. But, there are a few which are too close to rejecting straightaway. One such latest assumption which is making a buzz is that the Dragon Ball video game and television worlds might soon bump into each other.  Does Dragon Ball Super episode 53 hint at Dragon Ball Xenoverse connection? Let’s explore.

Currently in Dragon Ball Super, Future Trunks is going back in time once again to caution the earth about the evil entity of unknown origins called Goku Black. It looks just like Goku, with the difference of an earring, black gi, and a time ring.

The ring has an insignia which has resemblance with the symbols on the heads of Janemba and Broly in the latest Xenoverse 2 trailer. Although they are not identical, it is hard to miss the resemblance. Even Goku Black will also make an appearance in the game as a pre-order bonus, and it is adding more reasons to the said speculations.

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Further arguments can be since time traveling is a vital part of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – it was the key point of the game’s first trailer and a driving force behind the current arc in Dragon Ball Super. It is no wrong to imagine its connection to Dragon Ball Super episode 53.

In both, Future Trunks gets chastised for his abuse of time. In the game, he becomes a member of Time Patrol. It is the group that protects time. Now the fans are highly speculating that the same thing might happen in the television series.

They believe that both Trunks are one in the same. This is conceivable to some extent if we consider Future Trunks does not have much of a future to go back to since Goku Black pretty much-destroyed everything there. He  (Future Trunks) might eventually look for a new direction in life once things settle down, describes Gamerant.

This theory might appear a little stretched out, especially taking into account that time rings have not made an appearance in Xenoverse, it is hard not to imagine the two Dragon Ball worlds colliding.

The majority of Dragon Ball video games are the rework of story arcs from the television series. However,  Xenoverse has taken that formula and worked on it in detail by including its own accounts and making players feel much caught up by offering them their own identities.

Possibly, Dimps, the developer is trying to push things even further by roping in Xenoverse into Dragon Ball Super Episode 53.

Whatever, the reality is, it is exciting to visualize the union. All that fans can do now is wait until October when Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will release.

At the same time, Dragon Ball Super episode 53  titled as ‘Reveal Black’s Real Identity! Now Off To The Kaioshin Realm Of Universe 10′ airs July 31, Sunday on Fuji TV at 9 a.m. Japan time.