Who is going to defeat Black Goku in the next big fight? That is the big question among Dragon Ball Super fans. According to the latest report, there is a new character who will finally defeat the formidable villain.

There have been speculations on who will be able to kill the evil character. While some anticipate that Goku will defeat Black Goku, others think that Vegeta should be the one to do it.

Meanwhile, Anime website Saiyanland confirms that there will be a new character. Meet Zamasu, who looks like he’s related to the Supreme Kai.

The website will soon provide an in-depth analysis of the character. But the outlet noted that Akira Toriyama himself created the character.

On the other hand, there are reports that Zamasu will be the one who will finally defeat Black Goku. But how is he going to do that?

There are speculations that he will help Goku to fight the enemy. However, their first encounter will not be a peaceful one.

The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 is out and bears the title “Reveal Black’s True Identity! Now, to the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10!” YouTube user AresPromo posted the description, which reads as:

“After realizing that Black has the same Ki as Zamasu, Universe 10’s apprentice Kaioshin, the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis head to Universe 10 together with Goku. In order to verify his Ki, Goku challenges Zamasu (who distrusts humanity) to a battle, but…”

The unidentified sources claim that he will revenge on Black but there is no concrete evidence about. Thus, fans can only treat the speculation with a grain of salt.

Notably, watchers cannot help but guess who will kill the antagonist. Aside from Goku and Vegeta, viewers added Future Trunks and Gohan to the list.

There will be more exciting updates about Dragon Ball Super so keep those fingers crossed. Meanwhile, watch the preview below: