Avid Dragon Ball Super fans have been contemplating about who will kill Black Goku. But could Gohan defeat the villain upon their encounter in episode 52? This article might contain potential spoilers so read at your own risk.

The preview for the upcoming episode is out and it shows Son Gohan. Episode 52 bears the title Master And Pupil Reunion: Son Gohan and Future’ Trunks.

Meanwhile, YouTube user AresPromo writes a brief description for the next episode which reads as:

“Bulma hurries to repair the time machine and comprehend its energy. Meanwhile, the Trunks from the future goes to meet Gohan, who had been his master in the world of the future.

However, Trunks is bewildered to find that the Gohan who shows up is completely different than the one he knew.”

But will Gohan finally defeat the ultimate antagonist for this arc? Viewers shall find out soon.

Aside from Gohan, fans are speculating that Vegeta might be the one to finally defeat Black Goku. As per a previous report, writers must redeem the Prince of Saiyan.

According to Design N Trend, the screenplay writers must give attention this time to Future Trunks’ father since Goku has defeated many villains in the past saga. More than that, the team behind the successful Japanese anime might want to surprise the watchers by giving the chance to Vegeta.

However, this theory might actually be possible because future Bulma knows that Goku is already dead. She will be asking her son to look for his father to fight against Black Goku.

In other Dragon Ball Super episode 52 plot speculations, Future Trunks and Black Goku might be from Universe 10. The latter might also join Zeno’s tournament.

These details are just plausible theories but one thing is for sure: viewers will see more exciting event in the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Meanwhile, watch the preview for episode 52 below: