The preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 52 is already out online and it reveals some shocking events. Viewers may have to expect that the next episode will unveil Future Trunks and Black Goku’s past.

The end of episode 51 hinted that the villain is from Universe 10. Should the hint be true, there is a great possibility that Future Trunks came from the same location as well.

Meanwhile, Design N Trend speculates that Black Goku will join Zeno’s tournament. Nonetheless, viewers should see to it once episode 52 came out on television.

Meanwhile, avid DBS fans may now watch the 38-second teaser. More than Future Trunks’ past, the viewers might witness more of Future Son Gohan.

YouTube account Mulico TV puts a shocking description to the preview which reads as “Son Gohan is fighting against the makaioshin in the future and will die?!”

However, it only looks like that the teaser will only reenact Gohan’s death in Dragon Ball Z. But those who haven’t watch the previous saga must wait for episode 52 to come out. Watch the trailer below:


In other Dragon Ball Super news, fans are still speculating as well who will defeat Black Goku. While some believe that Goku will kill the enemy, others think that it is time for Vegeta to shine.

Based on previous reports, the writers should give the chance to Vegeta this time. The Prince of Saiyan is yet to redeem himself so killing Black Goku will be an effective way.

And besides, Goku has defeated many formidable villains in the past such as Frieza, to name one. On the other hand, Vegeta eliminating the antagonist is possible because Bulma knows that Goku is already dead in the future.

So, she sent her son to the past and hoped that Vegeta will kill the villain. In the meantime, the future episodes might show more of Future Trunks and Mai’s love story.

More updates about Dragon Ball Super are coming soon.