“Dragon Ball Super” episode 47 marks the new arc and the arrival of a new villain, Black Goku, and Future Trunks. While this looks exciting for the fans, readers might be delighted to know that young Trunks will meet his future self in episode 48.

The trailer for the next episode entitled “Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present” is out online and it obviously shows that young Trunks was surprised upon meeting his future self.


The short trailer also revealed that Future Trunks was able to travel back to the present amidst struggles with the Time Machine. His parents and himself were shocked by seeing him but they eventually took care of him.

On the other hand, Attack of the Fanboy believes that Future Trunks saga could be the “best and most serious saga of the series to date.” The website pointed that the previous “Dragon Ball Super” were criticized for being “comedic, with Beerus and Champa being the villains who love to crack jokes.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 47 introduced Black Goku with a line “today is the day you die Saiyan” which sounds like more of terrifying. This leads to the speculations that the new arc will be more serious than the past.


Meanwhile, voice actor Takeshi Kusao who portrays Future Trunks commended his fellow voice actor, Masako Nozawa-san for dubbing the villainous Black Goku.

“And then, Goku Black! Masako Nozawa-san is voicing him, naturally. While I don’t think Nozawa-san knows it yet, you can feel in your bones just how evil Black is… it’s incredible,” quotes Yibada.

From your very first look at him, he’s just bad to the bone. I’ll only say one thing about the end of the new chapter’s first episode, but this should say it all: it’s enough to make you go “there’s no way they can win…” (laughs).

Catch “Dragon Ball Super” episode 48 in FujiTV on Sunday, June 19.