The well-liked Japanese TV anime “Dragon Ball Super” episode 47 might leave a ripple effect on fans. The preview recently provided by the series creator Akira Toriyama throws light on many fascinating facets of the approaching part, which is just two episodes away.

News Briefs learned that episode 47 will be revealing the new arc that would revolve around Future Trunks. Trunks is the half-Saiyan half-Human son of Vegeta and Bulma, who has traveled 20 years in the future to save the world from dangerous enemies.

Episode 47 titled “New Chapter! An Obscure Enemy Appears,” is supposed to feature the Future Trunks’ saga, hints the preview.

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As translated by GojiitaAF referring to a Japanese TV guide, the title of Trunk’s debut installment will be “A New Chapter! A Black New Enemy.”

It teases that “A new development begins! The boy returns to our time.” The plot summary for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 47:

“After the tournament against Universe 6, Trunks returns from the future to find Goku and the others. After defeating Cell, peace would have been restored, but the reason for his coming is…

The summery underlines the rise of the ruthless villain Black Goku, who is believed to be the evil version of Son Goku. A week ago, creator Akira Toriyama hinted about him (Black Goku) when he announced the arrival of Future Trunks. Unlike Son Goku, who is one of the powerful warriors of the universe, his immoral side is a merciless baddie who would wipe an entire race just for fun. The excitement doubles after knowing the fact that Akira Toriyama is personally scripting the upcoming episode.

To stop the approaching threat, in episode 47, Future Trunks will travel back in time to recruit Son Goku and the crew to assist him in crushing Black Goku.

Episode 47 of “Dragon Ball” is expected to reflect the darkest side of the anime world thus far.

This is because the issue at hand is considered very disastrous and upsetting, and that Future Trunks is portrayed as mature and serious.

The “Dragon Ball Super” Future Trunks arc starts June 6 on Fuji TV.