“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 47 is about to hit the small screen in a few days but spoilers about it just keep on surfacing on the Internet. One of which is the scoop about Black Goku’s real identity.

Akira Toriyama officially named the antagonist as Black, notes Bitbag. He will be the new villain as the upcoming episode marks the new arc that features Future Trunks, who came from an alternate universe.

It looks like the two are connected, notes Enstarz. Avid DBS fans speculate that Black is really a powerful Android who also came from where Future Trunks has been.

The grounds of speculation came after the promo teaser was released. Notably, Black allegedly called a “Saiyan” in a negative way. “Today’s the day I finally kill you, Saiyan!” the villain said.

According to the website, the Androids from previous Dragon Ball sagas used to address the superheroes in the same way, hence, the theories. Meanwhile, Toei Animation reportedly released the plot for the new arc.

As for Future Trunks, there were reports that Future Trunks will sport a bluish hair color instead of the purple one that viewers have seen on the previous sagas. Forbes claimed that he obtained the new hair color by gaining the Super Saiyan Blue form.

The website iDigital Times revealed that the title for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 47 will be “SOS From the Future! A New Black Enemy Reveals Himself!” Read the summary below:

“A man named ‘Black’ suddenly appears, and Future Trunks tries to defend himself. Even in Super Saiyan form, Trunks is no match for this new enemy.”

“Bulma tries to make another time machine and ask for past Goku and Vegeta’s help, but after half a year, she only accumulates enough fuel for the time machine to make a one-way trip. Then, Black appears again before Bulma and Trunks,” reads the unofficial synopsis which allegedly came from Toei Animation.

Stay tuned for more news. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 47 airs on Sunday, June 12 in FujiTV Japan.