Details about “Dragon Ball Super” episode 46 is now available online. According to some, the upcoming episode will show Vegeta as he meets his alleged impostor. This article might contain spoilers so read at own risk.

Episode 46 titled “Goku vs. Copy-Vegeta! Who will Prevail!?” suggests that there will be a copycat of the superhero, notes Yibada. While the plot is yet to be revealed, the airdate is scheduled to be on June 5, Sunday on FujiTV.

Meanwhile, the website was also able to catch information about episodes 43-45. Those who would like to see may continue reading on below.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 43 is unofficially dubbed as “Goku’s ‘Ki’ is Out of Control!? Lots of Trouble Taking Care of Pan” but it has another possible title which reads “Goku, Pan and the Pilaf Gang.” The episode will be aired on May 15 with plot that read as:

“After using his ki recklessly during the tournament against Universe 6, Son Goku comes down with ‘Late-Onset Turbulent Ki Syndrome,’ rendering him unable to control his ki. Goku is unable even to teleport back from Kaio’s planet properly, and wrecks his house as a result.”

“Until his house is repaired, Goku is stuck living with his son, Gohan. Goku looks after his granddaughter Pa, but a suspicious shadow stealthily approaches,” as per Todd Bankership’s Twitter post.

On the other hand, Episode 44 with the title “The Seal of Planet Potaufeu, Secret of the Unleashed Superhuman Water!” can also have another headliner that goes like this: “Planet Potaufeu: Goku vs. Vegeta 1” which will be out on May 22. Here’s the synopsis:

“While Monaka had fought alongside Goku and the others as part of the Universe 7 team, in truth he is simply a deliveryman for a shipping company. One day, Monaka comes to deliver something to Bulma’s place, but Bulma corrals him into helping out with her latest experiment.”

Meanwhile, Bulma’s son Trunks and Goku’s son Goten play around in the luggage carrier in Monaka’s spaceship, but eventually fall asleep. When Monaka gets back, he sets off in his spaceship, unaware that the two are inside…?”

Last but not the least, Episode 45 comprises of title “Vegeta Vanishes!? The Terror of Copy-Vegeta!,” which introduced his alleged doppelganger. This will be aired on May 29, with the plot that reveals as:

“Vegeta and Jaco head off to Planet Potaufeu to retrieve Trunks and Goten, who were taken there while riding in the luggage carrier on Monaka’s spaceship. On Plaent Potaufeu, Trunks and Goten are under attack by a Copy-Sauteian, and Vegeta comes to their rescue.

“But the Sauteian has drunk the miraculous “Superhuman Water” transforming into a Copy-Vegeta identical to the real one, he stands in Vegeta’s way!”

More news about “Dragon Ball Super” in the future.