“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 42 preview reportedly reveals Goku’s epic showdown with Monaka. This article might contain spoilers for the upcoming episodes so read at own risk.

The title and the plot have already leaked to the internet, as per Movie Pilot report. The upcoming episode will reportedly be titled as “An Uproar at the Victory Celebration! Facing Off at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku.” The description is also published by the website.

“Goku and the other members of Universe 7’s team have safely notched their victory [against Universe 6]. But their victory celebrations are short-lived, as the Zen’? (“Lord[s] of everything”), the individual(s) standing at the pinnacle of the 12 universes, appear(s) before them! And so the tale takes an unexpected turn.”

Because of the revelation, Bitbag became interested in the reason behind the alleged showdown. Why would Goku and Monaka fight if they belong to one team? The answer will be shown once the episode 42 of “Dragon Ball Super” airs on FujiTV on May 8.

On the other hand, the details about episodes 43-to 45 are already available on the Internet as well. Catch the information below:

Episode 43, which will be out on May 15 is reportedly dubbed as “Struggling to Take Care of Pan.” As the title suggests, it might be a “refreshing kind of episode” that will focus on Pan.

Moreover, the plot Episode 44 titled “Secret of the Unleashed Superhuman Water” is yet to be announced soon. Meanwhile, Episode 45 with headline “The Amazing Copy Vegeta” suggests that Vegeta may go to Universe 6’s planet Sadal like what he vowed previously.

So far, avid viewers are about to see the “mysterious character” that will surface on Episode 41. The heroes will be able to bring the 7 dragon balls together that will make that mysterious character appear.

“Champa, in a rage, wants to destroy all participants who represented his universe. Kyabe and others are terrified. It was at this time that” he “appears in the ring …” the plot reads.

More news about “Dragon Ball Super” in the future.