It is now time for Goku to fight Hit, “the mightiest of men” who defeated Vegeta. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 39 reveals Goku and his epic battle with the strong opponent. This article contains spoilers so read at own risk.

Episode 39 titled “A Fully-Developed ‘Time-Skip’ Counterattack!? Is It Coming!? Goku’s New Technique!’ already provides a hint about the protagonist’s exciting new powers. As per Yibada, the episode trailer revealed that he will transform into a Blue Saiyan.

The preview for the next episode is now available on YouTube. According to the website, the trailer starts with Goku’s powerful stomach punch against Hit that makes the villain scream with excruciating pain.

However, Hit was able to counter attack while Goku throws a series of punches. Let us wait and see what will happen when Goku transformed into a higher level of Saiyan.

The website was also able to obtain the official synopsis for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 39 that reads, “Vegeta challenges Hit using Super Saiyan Blue but Hit’s technique, ‘Tokitobashi,’ deals a barrage of hits in his vital points and makes him faint. Son Goku is able to guess how Hit’s “Tokitobashi” works and thus, while in Super Saiyan Blue state, he also challenges Hit.”

“Hit can only skip time for 0.1 seconds. Estimating past those 0.1 seconds, Goku defeated the ‘Tokitobashi.’ But, Hit continues to grow [stronger] while in battle. So, Goku breaks the seal of the Kaiōken and shoots a Kamehame-Ha!” the full description stated.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 39 will air on Sunday, April 17 in FujiTV. Meanwhile, those who were not able to catch the previous episodes can take a look at the titles, air dates and video streaming via Watch DBZ Super website.

Stay tuned for more news about one of the most favorite anime series. On the other hand, watch the official preview below: