Dota 2 has become a big game in the world of e-sports, so it is no surprise to see high-production tournaments popping out in most countries. Now that another batch of tournaments is being planned for Spring, a new patch update has arrived to put some tweaks in the game just in time for the major competitions.

More details were revealed at the official Dota 2 blog. A lot of changes were made once again, and aside from an introduction to the new scan ability on the minimap for each team in the game, there are also some changes with the Ranked All Pick matches. A new set of items is also included to try out on the matches.

Below are some of the major changes and additions to “Dota 2” for the 6.87 patch.

  • Reworked Ranked All Pick. Before the picking phase begins, there is a 15-second voting phase to ban heroes. Each player votes for a different hero. Afterwards, half of the heroes that were voted on will be randomly selected and banned.
  • Each team now has a Scan ability, available on the minimap UI.
  • Starting HP increased from 180 to 200
  • HP per strength increased from 19 to 20
  • Hero base mana increased from 0 to 50
  • Mana per int reduced from 13 to 12
  • Intelligence now increases your spell damage by 1% per 16 Intelligence points.
  • Stats hover on your hero now shows you your total Spell Amplification, including Aether Lens.
  • Lane Creep health upgrade increased from 10 to 12 HP
  • Tier 2 towers damage now same as Tier 3
  • Towers now grant an armor aura to allied heroes
  • Tower True Sight range reduced from 900 to 700
  • Initial Bounty Rune no longer gives experience
  • Melee hero attack range increased from 128 to 150
  • Lane Creep Aggro duration increased from 2 to 2.5
  • Lane Creep Aggro cooldown increased from 2 to 2.5
  • Melee Creep gold bounty reduced from 40 to 38
  • Melee and Ranged Creep gold bounty upgrade over time increased from 1 to 2
  • Melee creep experience reduced from 62 to 45
  • Ranged creep experience increased from 41 to 90

New Items

  • Bloodthorn
    • New item formed from Orchid, Crystalys, and a Recipe
  • Echo Sabre
    • New item formed from Oblivion Staff and Ogre Club
  • Blight Stone
    • New item
  • Infused Raindrops
    • New consumable item, Infused Raindrops
  • Wind Lace
    • New item
  • Tome of Knowledge
    • New consumable item
  • Hurricane Pike
    • New item formed from Force Staff, Dragon Lance, and a Recipe

You can read the entire patch notes at the Dota 2 website. “Dota 2” is a free-to-play MOBA game available only on Steam for the PC.