“Doom” reportedly has a new screenshot and new graphics shared by game developer Bethesda. Surprisingly, the feeling of blood is still as intense as it was more than 20 years ago.

According to AV Club, there were changes in the game, such as the time needed between selecting a new game and emptying a clip to a shambling demon, which are both measured in seconds.

The “Doom” guy was observed to be more acrobatic and more active than before. The first-person shooting game lead character jumped and climbed around arenas, lending exhilaration to the entire game.

Unlike the 1993 classic “Doom,” the gameplay added the reward system gamers love to have during an in-game.

Whenever they can execute savage kills against enemies, they will receive extra health. By using a series of iconic chainsaw, they can earn bonus ammo.

Aside from the extra health and bonus ammo as rewards, they could also do character upgrade and even power ups.

Incorporating speed and strategic moves should be the key for gamers to survive the entire gameplay. As described in the name “Doom,” gamers could expect the same environment all throughout.

Graphic improvement was also noticed in the game. GameSpot reported that there are a lot of differences in the game visual appearance.

“Doom” has around 1080p, 60fps for PS4 and Xbox One, and Ultra Settings reaching 1080p, 60 fps based from the last patch made last week.

Based on the video that showed the exact footage of the gameplay, there were no differences with how a gamer sees the game using any of these platforms.

Watch the “Doom” video teaser in single-player mode!  

“Doom” is developed by Id Software and published under Bethesda. The game is available in new-generation consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Gamers could have the game for around A$83.

Regarding the game’s possibility to have a multiplayer version, there are no updates yet on its final launching date. Based from a previous report, the console and PC versions arrived this month.

For multiplayer mode, there is no official statement yet from Bethesda as to when they would likely release the game. What is certain thus far is that  “Doom” will retain its classic feel with modern upgrades on graphics and reward system to boost the gaming experience.