Iraq’s attempt to retake Fallujah from the Islamic State has resulted to the trapping of around 50,000 civilians in the city.

The United Nations has stated that among the civilians, there are almost 20,000 children who have fallen victim to the Iraq vs. IS battle. According to the reports, the food and water available to the trapped people are quite limited. Iraqi forces, according to CNN, are planning to storm the city. The UN has issued a serious warning to the ISIS on Wednesday to take care of the children in the city.

The report revealed by the UN has stated that people in Fallujah who refuse to fight for the IS group are executed. The children trapped there are more likely to be employed by the extremists. “UNICEF calls on all parties to protect children inside Fallujah, provide safe passage to those wishing to leave the city and grant safe and secure environments to displaced civilians,” UNICEF’s Iraq representative Peter Hawkins said in a statement.“Children face the risk of forced recruitment into the fighting, strict procedures for security screening and separation from their families,” he added.

Hawkins claimed that not many families have been able to leave the city since the battle commenced. “Most have moved to two camps while others have sought refuge with relatives and extended families,” quoted the UN Iraq rep as saying. “At least 20,000 children remain trapped in the city.”

CNN military analyst Lt. Col. Rick Francona said that the fight will be a difficult one involving a huge cost. He added that the Iraqi troop believes it would take around two days to close the issue and clear the forces while the analyst says it will take a much longer time.

On Friday, Iraqi soldiers attacked the ISIS to make them leave Fallujah. This caused many of the trapped civilians to flee from there. The ones who left the place reported the shortage of food and lack of clean water and medical aid.