Australia is on high alert following the serial terrorist attacks at the Brussels airport and metro rail on Tuesday which has been claimed by the ISIS.

Australia assures that it has security measures being adopted to keep the nation safe. In an interview with TODAY, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that he would not recommend enhancing security measures despite the Brussels attacks. “I’ve had a discussion this morning … with the commissioner of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the acting general director of ASIO, our counter-terrorism coordinator, the Attorney-General and other officials and the ASIO’s advice is there is no requirement to increase the threat level,” he said.

He claimed that the nation already has a very high level of security at airports and hence it is much stronger than the security levels at Brussels. Turnbull said that water-linked borders are quite helpful in keeping the nation safe. “Our borders are secure because we have secured them,” he said as quoted by 9News. “There have been six disruptions of terrorist operations here in Australia recently. We are every focused on it but we cannot be remotely complacent.”

The prime minister also reported that while Brussels is considered as an international city filled with foreigners at any time, there are no reports of any Australian being killed in the attacks, according to his conversation with the Australian ambassador to the city. Turnbull expressed his condolences to the affected people of Belgium, thereby asking Australians to learn from the tragedy. He mentioned the attacks as cowardly and said that Australia was with them in this crisis situation.

“We are utterly united, completely united in the fight against terrorism and the fight against this sort of cowardly violence,” the PM said.

After the two explosions at Brussels airport, a third explosion happened at a central metro station. The ABC reported that now when the ISIS has realised that its hold on territory in Iraq and Syria was weakening, it has begun targeting the people belonging to other nations.