Teen footballer Patrick Cronin, 19, is still on a life support system after getting attacked at the Diamond Creek pub brawl where he was hit on his head and suffered a severe head injury.

Melbourne’s The Windy Mile Pub in Diamond Creek witnessed the outrageous brawl at about 11:00 p.m. on Saturday. He was attacked while he planned to return home after playing a match alongside his brother with Lower Plenty Football Club. It was his first game as a senior football player. 9 News reported that following the attack, he was taken to a house nearby for immediate medical aid and then moved to Royal Melbourne Hospital by paramedics.

Police released a statement on Monday morning that said the footballer was dead which they corrected later, saying the player remained on life support. The authorities confirmed that investigators have already talked to the victim’s family on Monday morning about the media release they published, according to the ABC.

According to reports, almost 30 people were involved in the brawl. The players from both the local football teams were said to have started the fight at the pub. One of the witnesses told AAP that the players looked like they were too intoxicated and had too much to drink while another witness said that the players left the place prior to the fight as they were uncomfortable after drinking so much.

According to reports, Cronin was trying to pull his friend away from the brawl when he was attacked. The teen player’s friends and family members posted on social media to pay their tribute to the teen footballer on Sunday night.”A young kid with a heart of gold taken away far too soon!” one friend wrote.

“You lived life to the fullest and you definitely made your mark on everyone you met,” another wrote.