The supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have accused Democrat nominee for the US presidential elections 2016 Hillary Clinton to have cheated on the former during the 16-hour long Democrat Nevada convention.

The pro-Bernie Sanders camp has released a report that has claimed that 64 of the Vermont Senator’s delegates were kept out of the Nevada convention held on Saturday night. It mentioned that the supporters of Sanders were forced to leave the venue despite their constant demand for a recount. At the convention, Clinton managed to grab seven out of 12 delegates, though the number of Sanders’ supporters could hardly outnumber hers. The Nevada convention for the Democratic party was held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

According to Telesurtv, Clinton’s win at the convention invited criticism as Sanders’ supporters demanded a recount.

David Webb, a contributor for Fox News, had a conversation with the supporters of the Vermont senator at a rally held in NYC. He asked them how they would describe Clinton in one word. The “one-word” replies stunned the channel as reported by The people called her “treacherous,” “liar,” “untrustworthy,” “scary,” “choke,” “fraud,” among others.

At the convention, Clinton was given 12 delegates following the 20 she chose in the Nevada Caucus in February while 15 were given to Sanders.  The supporters of Sanders raised their voice against the injustice done to the Democrat representative. The wave of anger sparked further when a vote from Clinton supporters was considered enough to turn a temporary rule into a permanent law. The protesters started chanting “that is fixed” at the venue and criticised the party leaders.

Clinton won with 1,695 delegates while Sanders lagged behind with 1,662. The slim lead further aggravated the situation. According to reports, only eight delegates of Clinton were denied access while it was seven times less for the Sanders delegates, which was quite unfair.