Donald Trump is asking to boycott Apple Inc. until it conforms to the demands of the US government. The request is in connection with the San Bernadino attacks where Apple is demanded to unlock a suspect’s iPhone handset.

Trump, who is one of the presidential front-runners of the United States’ Republican party, demanded that Apple should release the suspect’s phone security measures during a campaign rally in South Carolina, Feb. 19, Friday. This is in compliance with the US government’s court order. The court was released as a means toward complete and accurate identification of the suspect, as well as fully reveal the details of the San Bernardino attacks.

In response, Apple Inc. said that the filing of the said court order is an attempt to argue the case in public even before getting hold of the opportunity to comply, Arstechnica reported. Also, the company believes that only the Congress has the right to hold a debate over the encryption and not the courtroom.

Meanwhile, Syed Farook, the suspect who was also killed during  a shootout with the police officers is reported to have worked for a California county where the rampage happened, NBC reported.

US Justice Department criticized Apple’s Tim Cook, claiming that the executive is just after the huge sales and just wants to prove something. The motion from the Justice Department was to disprove the claim of the Apple Inc that working with the FBI investigation can compromise the general security for its users and their respective devices. The matters concerning the company’s possible risks after providing technical support are what Apple is concerned about.

Trump also took to Twitter and posted a series of attacks to Apple Inc. He noted that he is both a Samsung and an Apple user, but will use only his Samsung device until Apple releases the information being requested.