For months, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have been going at each other’s jugular and proving their worth before their countrymen as they fight the battle to become the 45th president of the United States.

The nation has been divided in choosing the right candidate for president. Whoever wins this year’s elections will not only have to cope with the pressure of running one of the biggest and most recognized countries in the world, but also juggle their presidential duties while serving as doting grandparents to their respective grandchildren.

The presumptive Republican nominee is already experienced in that department, having eight grandchildren from Donald Jr. and Ivanka, his first two children with first wife Ivana. Meanwhile, the former first lady and Secretary of State has a granddaughter and a second grandchild on the way.

Just who are these cute grandkids? Take a look at the graphics below to find out more about them.


TrumpGrandkid_ArabellaIrene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Arabella Rose Kushner

Arabella is the first child and only daughter of Ivanka and Jared. Born on July 17, 2011, she is Trump’s third grandchild and second granddaughter. When asked where her name came from, Ivanka revealed in an interview with Name Candy that she has always been a fan of the name ‘Arabella.’ Additionally, they paid homage to Jared’s grandmothers, whose names have the initials ‘A’ and ‘R.’ Add to that the fact that they found their daughter’s own initials, spelled ‘ARK,’ “incredibly cool.”

TrumpGrandkid_JosephIrene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Joseph Frederick Kushner

The second child and first son of Ivanka and Jared born on October 14, 2013, two-year-old Joseph Frederick was named after his parents’ grandfathers. He is the seventh grandchild and fourth grandson of Trump. Ivanka proudly showed off her then-newborn son into the world the next day from her hospital bed – and she didn’t mind doing it without wearing any makeup on!

TrumpGrandkid_TheodoreIrene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Theodore James Kushner

The most recent addition to the Trump clan, little Theodore James was born on March 27 this year. He is the third child and second son of Ivanka and Jared and is Trump’s eight grandchild overall. Like what she did with Joseph Frederick, Ivanka posted a photo of herself and Theodore James without an ounce of makeup on her fresh and glowing face. Where Theodore James got his name remains unanswered, but it is believed that his parents named him after former American presidents Theodore Roosevelt and James Madison.

TrumpGrandkid_KaiIrene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Kai Madison Trump

Nine-year-old Kai Madison was born on May 12, 2007 in New York City. She is the eldest child and first daughter of Trump’s eldest son Donald Jr. and wife Vanessa. She is Trump’s eldest grandchild and first granddaughter. One of her documented public outings was with her parents, siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins during a holiday in Aspen. Donald Jr.’s eldest apparently has a great set of skiing skills, as her aunt Ivanka has been raving about them. “I’m so proud of my niece Kai for carving up the mountain today! #LittleShredder” the eldest daughter of Trump wrote on her Instagram, which was accompanied by a snap of herself and Kai posing in full skiing gear.

TrumpGrandkid_DonaldJr.Irene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Donald Trump III

Being the first son of Donald Jr. and wife Vanessa and the first grandson of the loud-mouthed billionaire, it comes as no surprise that little Donald was named after his father and grandfather, effectively becoming the third Donald Trump in the family. Donald was born on February 18, 2009 and is the second eldest child of the Republican presidential candidate’s eldest son.

TrumpGrandkid_TristanIrene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Tristan Milos Trump

Tristan Milos was born on October 2, 2011. He is the third child and second son of Donald Jr. and Vanessa and is the fourth grandchild and second grandson of Trump. They announced that they were expecting their third child that same year, and the couple was often spotted going out and about. They were even caught kissing at the Trump Foundation Golf Invitational that year.

TrumpGrandkid_SpencerIrene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Spencer Frederick Trump

The fourth child and third son of Donald Jr. and Vanessa, Spencer Frederick was named after the “Celebrity Apprentice” judge’s grandfather. He is Trump’s third grandson and fifth grandchild overall. His arrival comes more than a year after his older brother Tristan Milos was born. The couple announced they were expecting him in May that year, with Vanessa asking suggestions from followers for a possible baby name before asking them to guess the baby’s gender.

TrumpGrandkid_ChloeIrene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Chloe Sophia Trump

Donald Jr. and wife Vanessa first introduced baby Chloe Sophia to the world via a photograph that showed their little bundle of joy, who will turn two on June 16, wrapped in cheesecloth. She is the couple’s fifth child and second daughter, and is Trump’s second granddaughter and sixth grandchild overall.


ClintonGrandkid_CharlotteIrene Frances Mae Cabrera | Australia Network News

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky

Baby Charlotte was born on September 26, 2014 in New York City. She is the first child of Bill and Hillary’s only child Chelsea and her husband, investment banker and Eaglevale Partners co-founder Marc Mezvinsky. Baby Charlotte won’t be an only child for long as she will soon be followed by a younger sibling. Her mother announced on Twitter that their second child is due this summer.