Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised on Thursday that he would bring energy independence to the nation by implementing necessary environmental laws.

Trump surprised the public by choosing energy independence in America as a topic for discussion. He criticised Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on her plans to allow the Environmental Protection Agency to enjoy control over “every aspect of our lives.” At the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, the possible American future president said he would ensure the reduction of the level of pollution along with emissions of greenhouse gases.

According to Mashable, the speech delivered by Trump was dismissive and targeted the climate rules and energy policies implemented by President Barrack Obama. “I think the federal government should get out of the way,” Trump said. “We have so much potential energy people wouldn’t even believe it.”

The Republican candidate also claimed that once he comes into power, he would review the coal industry and work on its revival. He promised to bring back coal mining jobs by dismissing environmental and climate regulations of Obama administration. “The US coal industry has been in structural decline for decades, recently driven by things like weak global demand and cheap natural gas,” The Washington Post quoted Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy Director Jason Bordoff as saying. “And eliminating environmental rules protecting air and water is not going to bring those jobs back.”

The presidential candidate slammed the Obama administration for signing the Paris Climate agreement, which indirectly gave the United Nations the right to decide on environmental rules and policies for the US. Trump said that he doesn’t think global warming is a threat. According to him, the process helps in removing more “sweet oil.” He added that he would suspend Paris Climate Accord recommendations that advocate developing nations to act against it. “We’re going to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payment of US tax dollars to UN global warming programmes,” Trump said.