Donald Trump, who never fails to shock,  didn’t make any exception when he said that he fights very hard to pay as little tax as possible. Now questions are being asked whether he is involved in tax evasion.

He made statements regarding paying taxes, while he was pressed on what tax rate he himself pays. Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns.

He said he would after he allegedly finishes being audited. However, this particular issue has produced questions about his reticence.

Guesses are also being made about what could be learned from the documents of the GOP leader.

According to legal experts, the documents could reveal sources of income and mainly his use of off-shore bank accounts. It is also being said that the revelation could also give the entire health of his various businesses.

“There could be problems on the amount of tax he’s paying, deductions he’s taken, income he’s taken, any host of issues in the calculation of tax,”law expert Kenneth Gross said.

According to ABC News, if it is revealed that the real estate mogul is paying a lower tax rate than what he should, it wouldn’t be the first time a presidential candidate have done that.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney was criticised  for taking time to release his tax returns. After he gave out his returns to the public, it showed that he paid less than 15 percent.

NY Times says, Donald Trump stated that the voters have no business in knowing his tax returns, when asked what effective tax rate he pays.

“You’ll see it when I release, but I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible,” he said.

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“When the audit ends I’ll present them. That should be before the election. I hope it’s before the election.”

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Lot of speculation is there about the Republican frontrunner’s wealth since his self-estimates place his net worth at $10 billion.