Richmond, Virginia police authorities see potential occurrence of violence at Donald Trump Richmond Rally Friday but it is trying to calm worries about it as well.

Meanwhile, the secret service will screen everyone entering the Richmond Coliseum and nobody will allowed to bring signs with sticks, banners, bags or backpacks and anything that could be taken as a weapon.

Those who will disrupt  the event may be asked to leave.

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The local, state, and federal law enforcement officers will guard the event after mass violence broke out at Trump events in California and New Mexico, according to report.

Mild political protest

The Donald Trump Richmond rally however resulted only to a mild political protest outside the Richmond Coliseum.

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The protest turned confrontational on Friday night though  as anti-Donald Trump protesters briefly scuffled with police and marched through downtown streets for an hour, Richmond Times Dispatch reports.

Five people detained, One charged

There were a total of five people who were detained by the police and another one charged with disorderly conduct.

The trouble reportedly began after a small group of young men in Trump gear walked through a group of more than 100 protesters.

Chaotic shoving ensued and a man in a Trump T-shirt, who earlier had danced in front of the anti-Trump crowd, pointed to his lip as if he’d been punched.

More shoving occurred moments later as police moved into the area as some protesters were pushed to the ground and others pushed back against the police.

After pulling the Trump supporters over a barricade and out of the area, police brought out riot shields and formed a line between the protesters and the Coliseum.

The protest group left the Coliseum area around 9:30 p.m.

Small rally attendance

The Donald Trump Richmond rally however is not well attended.   There was a significantly smaller attendance than is typical for the Republican presidential candidate, according to Nick Corasaniti of The New York Times.

The auditorium, which seats 12,000 was only about 1/4th of the way full by 8pm the scheduled time of the event.